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Stuttering Therapy
for school-age children and their families 

Children’s needs begin to change once they reach school-age, particularly as they enter upper elementary school. Kids need to begin learning self-advocacy skills along with acquiring confidence in their communication skills.  I work with kids wherever they are, letting them guide our therapy goals and the focus of our sessions. We focus on their unique needs, allowing them to be the decision makers, with guidance as needed. 


We will also work together to help them understand they are fine just the way they are. I will also guide them in improving their speaking/communication skills as well as their confidence in communicating.  

Supporting You, The Busy Parent

Working with your child is only one part of the equation. As a busy parent, I understand the need to be able to easily integrate strategies into your daily routines at home practice. One aspect of my work with any family is to help identify how you, the busy parent, can incorporate new skills in things you’re doing already. Together we will discover opportunities for practice that fit into your family's day-to-day. 

I am also available to guide you in navigating school-based services. I can support you in advocating for services through the schools that your child may be eligible for.

Collaborating with Educators

I have enjoyed the many collaborations with school-based professionals at both private and public schools. I am happy to work with your child’s school-based team, including SLPs, learning specialists, counselors, teachers, etc. in order to provide the most comprehensive team-based approach for your child’s success.

I am also available to provide on-site assessments and screenings at local private schools, as well as one-on-one or group sessions. I can help determine your child’s speech and language needs and help connect them to additional resources and services as necessary. Last, but not least, as a parent, you can always invite me to come to speak to your PTA or school community. I welcome the opportunity and support parents and educators who are committed to the best outcomes for our future generations.

How will stuttering therapy help your child?

Although I can make no guarantees about your child’s outcomes, it is always my goal to support your child in becoming a confident communicator, regardless of stuttering.

  • Increase their confidence in communication

  • ​Help them grow into their stuttering

  • Increase engagement in the classroom and in social situations​

  • Guide them in becoming an expert in their own speech

  • Stutter more easily

  • Develop self-advocacy tools

Resources for Parents and Children

Check out these great videos from the Stuttering Foundation 
for parents of children who stutter.

Kids Who Stutter: Parents Speak
7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters

Here is an excellent video in both English and Spanish from the Stuttering Foundation for kids who stutter.

Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids ~ English
Tartamudez: Para niños, Por niños ~ Español
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