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Stuttering Therapy
for preschool-age children and their families 

When working with young children, my approach to therapy begins by taking an "indirect therapy" approach, working directly with parents and caregivers. We first identify and focus on strengths and what you’re doing right. I will then teach you strategies and guide you in how to implement them at home in fun and engaging ways. The purpose of indirect therapy is to empower parents with the skills to support their child’s successful communication at home.

"I'm enjoying the parent sessions. I find them very valuable."

S.Z., Parent


The second phase of therapy is "direct therapy" where I will work directly with your child. Parents will observe my work and then have the opportunity to be coached on implementing the tools we are using. My goal is to guide you in naturally incorporating these tools into your daily routine, to support your child’s confident speech.


After all, children learn best when they play. As much as possible, I also like to teach parents and caregivers how they can support their children at home. 

Preschool child who stutters with mother in stuttering therapy

How will stuttering therapy help you and your child?

Although I can make no guarantees about your child’s outcomes, it is always my goal to support your child in becoming a confident communicator, regardless of stuttering.

  • More frequent and more enjoyable one-on-one time with your child

  • Easier speech and less frustration

  • More confidence in communication

  • Know how to respond if your child is having a more "stuttery day"

  • Feel confident about what you can do to support your child who is stuttering

  • Have tools that will support your child’s confident speech

  • Feel less worried and anxious 

  • Become the expert on your child’s stuttering

Resources for Parents of Preschoolers who Stutter

Check out these great videos from the Stuttering Foundation 
for parents of children who stutter.

Kids Who Stutter: Parents Speak

7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters

Understand what you’re observing in your child’s communication

Understand internal and external stressors that can contribute to the fluctuations in your child’s fluency.

Some tips for talking about stuttering with your young child (and why it’s important)!

Some reasons why stuttering varies and some things you can do at home.

parent resrouces
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