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How do I figure out how much to charge my private practice clients?

Use This Simple, Free Private Practice Fee Calculator

Interested in a more comprehensive approach for determining your fee that includes things like operating expenses?

Fee Calculator

Get Your Money Flow Mojo

A tried and true, easy-to-use system for harnessing your private practice money management magic.

If you're in private practice, guess what?  You're a business owner. Yikes! Being a business owner comes with expenses.  You'll need to learn how to manage your money flow. ​

Sound scary?  It was for me at first, but I've developed a process that will enable you to manage your money flow like a MoFo. ​

Individual coaching available for SLPs, therapists, energy workers, anyone who has a solo private practice.

Online private practice finance webinars and support for SLP private practices

You will be guided through a minimum of a 1-month cycle of managing your private practice cash flow, including:

  • Your business income

  • Your take-home pay

  • Fun Money to spend as you desire!

  • Business operating expenses

  • Income Taxes

  • Rainy Day savings

Does just thinking about all of this stress you out and make you feel anxious?  As a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner, I will also support you to experience freedom from the emotional blocks so that you can be the successful private practice owner you deserve to be.

At the end of our work, you will:

  • Have created an easy-to-use budget.

  • Know at a single glance how much you can pay yourself

  • Have a basic idea of the minimum operating expenses.

  • Know how to easily generate two types of reports for your accountant and/or bookkeeper

Most importantly, you will feel confident about managing the financial aspect of your private practice!

Interested in learning how to manage your money flow like a MoFo?
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