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Stuttering Therapy
for teens and adults

Are you frustrated by your stuttering?  Does your stuttering hold you back or keep you from being The Best You that you can be? Do you feel shame, embarrassment, or fear when you stutter or think that you might stutter?  Have you had speech therapy in the past but found it hard to use strategies? 

I offer a different kind of stuttering therapy. It begins with understanding your unique challenges and desires. I am interested in the whole of you, in your entire experience in the world, through the lenses of your unique intersections, including as someone who stutters.


When you work with me, you will be seen, heard, and validated. You will be met with compassion and empathy.  Our sessions are healing encounters that will support you in breaking down the barriers that are holding you back. You will learn tools to become a successful communicator regardless of how much or how little you stutter. 

Together we will identify strategies that work for you while using real-life situations to build on your strengths and increase your confidence in communicating and pursuing your dreams. 

If you're ready to go way beyond regular old speech therapy, contact me for a free Confident Communicator Strategy Session.

Adults who stutter speaking confidently at a cafe
teen stuttering therapy hanging out
Resources for Teens

Here is an excellent video in both English and Spanish from the Stuttering Foundation for kids who stutter.

Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids ~ English

Tartamudez: Para niños, Por niños ~ Español

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