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Guess that number!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Education activity with elementary school child who stutters

I’ve been working with this great elementary school kid who stutters.  He’s had some really great speech therapy before coming to work with me.  Recently we’ve been working on reducing some of the negative thoughts and emotions by way of educating him about stuttering so that he can be an expert.  He’s pretty close already…

In our last session we figured out how many people total and how many kids stutter in certain areas.  His project for the week was to make a quiz, and give it to his family members and also his school-based SLP.  Here’s the quiz.  The winner got a prize.  He came back this week with the results.  There was a clear winner and he was excited to give the quiz and share the results.  (btw, he made the quiz on his own, with no parent help)

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