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Freedom From Frustration

Angela had been stuttering more and she was feeling really frustrated when stuttering and introducing herself. It was especially challenging because as a college athlete, she would have to “circle up” with the rest of her team and introduce herself and share something about herself whenever potential new teammates would interview with the team.

Often she knew several days in advance when she’d have to circle up, and she would be thinking, worrying, freaking out about it for the whole week leading up to it. She was tired of spending so much time and energy worrying about a 10 second introduction. While a part of her was hopeful, another part of her felt like she was going to be frustrated with introductions forever.

After 6 weeks of working with me, Angela had a big shift. Her level of frustration with introducing herself went from an 8 out of 10 (10 = most frustrating) to a 0. She no longer felt frustrated introducing herself. Angela was also surprised to experience less frustration and worry about stuttering in other aspects of her life. She feels less nervous when giving classroom presentations, or answering and asking questions in class, she’s taking more risks by putting herself in social situations that she would have more likely avoided before our work together. It’s safe to say that her life is quite strikingly different.

She attributes this shift to the work we did together.

And although she still stutters when introducing herself when the team circles up, her frustration is gone, she doesn’t worry about it all week long, and she doesn’t feel the tightness in her chest and throat like she did before.

I’m so proud of Angela, and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to share some stuttering alchemy with her.

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