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How do I figure out how much to charge my private practice clients?

This is a commonly asked question.  We can't legally ask other private practice owners in our professions how much they charge because it could be viewed as price fixing and as an anti-trust law situation.  So, how does one determine what our fee should be for our therapy sessions?

It's actually not that complicated, especially if you use the free Private Practice Fee Calculator below.  In short, here's the theory behind it.

  1.  Decide how many clients you want to see per week. For the sake of determining your fee, assume you're doing this full time.  25 clients per week is considered full time in private practice.

  2. Decide how much money per year (before taxes) you want to earn.  Many SLPs coming from school settings don't know what a reasonable annual salary is in private practice. Consider the following

    1. What is your annual salary in your school-based position?​

    2. Remember this is for ~9 months of work per year or 3/4 of a salary for 12 months per year.

      1. Example: School Salary = $90,000 / year​

      2. Pro-rated salary for 12 months = $120,000/year 

        1. = 90,000 x (4/3)

    3. Consider also that your take home pay in your school-based job is about 2/3rds of the total cost to your employer.  So if you're earning $66/hour in your school job, it's actually costing your employer closer to $100 / hour.  That's a more realistic picture of your total worth (to your employer).

  3. Decide how many weeks off you would like per year.  Do you really like the school schedule? Give yourself 8 - 10 weeks off per year.

  4. Now you know how many clients you want to see per week, how many weeks per year you want to work, and how much money you want to earn per year.

Start plugging in some numbers in the free Private Practice Fee Calculator below and see what comes up.

Private Practice Fee Calc2
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