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Get Your Money Flow Mojo

A tried and true, easy-to-use system for harnessing your private practice money management magic.

Join Bailey on four Saturdays in June in this 4-part, live online Webinar and learn the principles of managing your private practice cash flow using methods from Profit First and the budgeting software You Need A Budget (aka, YNAB).  Whether you are a speech therapist, psychotherapist, energy medicine practitioner, or any other type of solo private practice owner, this workshop is for you.

Online private practice finance webinars and support for SLP private practices

In this webinar, we will walk you through a 1-month cycle of managing your private practice cash flow, including:

  • Your business income

  • Business operating expenses

  • Income Taxes

  • Your take-home pay

  • Rainy Day savings

  • Fun Money to spend as you desire!

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Have created an easy-to-use budget in YNAB

  • Know at a single glance how much you can pay yourself

  • Have a basic idea of the minimum operating expenses if working from home

  • Know how to easily generate two types of reports for your accountant and/or bookkeeper

Most importantly, you will feel confident about managing the financial aspect of your private practice!

Limited to 6 participants!

Introductory Price: $108 for 4 Sessions

Next cohort: Saturdays in June @ 9 – 10:15 AM PDT
June 4th
June 11th
June 18th
June 25th

Interested in a private consultation or enrolling in a future session?

More about YNAB’s free trial and subscriptions

34-day free trial (Start your trial between 5/29 and 6/1)

Additional 1-month free  ~  Watch for a unique sign-up link from me

YNAB Subscription: Monthly $14.99  ~  Yearly $98.99

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